Crystal Healing – An Introduction

Power and Protection Everything in the actual physical world consists of info and electricity. Energy vibrates at frequencies that are various though we’re powerless to see this energy since it’s vibrating too rapidly for us. Because the feelings of ours are extremely slow for these vibrations, we just get chunks of info which lets us perceive the chair we’re sitting on, the body of ours, various other individuals etc.

If you walk right into an area which feels as if you can ‘cut the environment with a knife’, this is described as bad energy and similarly, in case you visit, you ideally will be joy in the air – or maybe good energy.

In the exact same way, when we start the energy centers of ours in healing, deep breathing, prayer, visualization or even dealing with crystals, we’re attracting energy vibrations to us (negative and positive). It’s thus needed we protect ourselves out of the bad energy.


Grounding is crucial to perform before you begin to work with the crystals of yours as it will keep you in touch with the earthly surroundings of yours. Dealing with crystals is going to take you onto a greater plane and if you complete the job of yours, in case you haven’t grounded yourself upfront, you might experience a floating sensation and also be psychological (like a healing curve) as you’ve opened yourself up and also might be prone to other’s negativity.

In order to ground yourself, take 3 depth breaths, sitting with feet firmly on the earth and also visualize that you will find roots extending from the bottom part of the feet of yours. They’re developing done throughout the floor, through the world and right down through to the centre of the planet earth to make sure you’re entirely grounded. In order to evaluate your grounding, attempt to lift up the feet of yours from the floor. If you discover this difficult, you understand you’ve grounded yourself right.

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