Medical Translations – Where Do These Words Come From?

Whenever we consider medical terminology, there’s often a leeway into just how we are able to estimate precisely what a word means, akin to various other languages we pick up – although some might be bogus buddies in the task! Have you wondered where all these health phrases came from? This might assist us to piece in concert the translation, making it much easier to learn medical dramas, conditions and movies. Thus, let’s start to place the puzzle together!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, nearly all almost all of the medical phrases and terminologies which we may see as well as hear originated from Greek and Latin, much like which of legal terminology. There’s a particular rational method when translating these medical terminology, and these rely on the term root, suffix and prefix. The root typically describes a body part in Greek or even Latin. The prefix (the term which goes prior to the root) will usually be a modification term that provides the info about the where organ is, the quantity of components or even the length of time the problem will last for as well as the time required. The suffix (or perhaps term connected to the conclusion of the term root) often explains the problem, illness or process.

Now we’ve a broad introduction to medical terminology of translation, let’s attempt to use this to terms come across in healthcare language.

For instance, Gastr(o) as a root word suggests “of/pertaining into the stomach”, wherever we are able to develop such terms as gastronomy – the study of digestion, gastric – concerning the belly. With all the placement of the “o” at the conclusion, you can additionally connect two conditions or an ailment that affects greater than one part together. As the root word “enter(o)” describes and relates to the intestines, when the 2 are put together, the term “gastroenteritis” describes the irritation of the stomach as well as intestines. An additional example is able to consist of cardio or perhaps cardiac, out of the Greek term kardia, meaning heart, in addition to ventricul(o), which describes the ventricles or perhaps some additional hollow area of an organ within the body. Whenever we place the 2 words combined with the suffix “graphy”, associated with imaging (think photography – imaging with) that is light, we are able to get cardiac ventriculography, which happens to be a center imaging scan.

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